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    KineticArchitecture Dance Theatre was founded in 1994 by Arrie Davidson and Shannon-Kayne Amoureux. Based in New York City, the company brings to the stage their unique brand of sculptural, sensual partnering mixed with Buster Keaton-meets-Butoh style while striving to present work that is socially relevant, athletic, visually stunning, and artistically progressive.

    Mission Statement

    KineticArchitecture Dance Theatre, a not-for-profit, (501c3), focuses on the development and presentation of new work that is artistically progressive and socially relevant in nature. The goal is to invigorate audiences with the power inherent in Dance Theatre. The urge to move is both primal and universal. It can serve as common ground for physical poetry that inspires true self-acceptance along with respect and understanding of all people. Ours is a mission which strives to transcend and transform.

    Artistic Director

    Arrie Davidson

    Arrie Davidson, aka Faux Pas le Fae, is a Transgender choreographer and founder of KineticArchitecture Dance Theatre.


    Arrie hopes to re-imagine what dance has the potential to be through openness to diverse influences in order to create work which serves as poetic activism for the issues of self-acceptance, social equality, and continued understanding of transgender people.


    The daily task and opening night are of equal importance on my personal journey to shape a dance which stirs an audience in a profound way.

  • KADT is on winter hiatus. See you lovelies in the Spring.

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